Pa senate committee recommends senate wait on court ruling before voting to remove Kathleen Kane

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HARRISBURG, Pa. – State senate action to remove embattled Attorney General Kathleen Kane from office should be put on hold. The Special Committee on Senate Address made that recommendation in its final report examining whether the full Senate should proceed to vote on her removal.

The report made four recommendations. The first said that a Senate vote on Kane’s removal  should not occur until after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court makes a determination that it does not intend to consider Kathleen Kane’s Application for Extraordinary Relief.

The State Supreme Court temporarily suspended Kane’s license to practice law on September 21, 2015. On January 11, this year, Kane filed an Application for Extraordinary Relief. She asked the high court to vacate its September 21 order and immediately reinstate her law license.

Kane’s critics contend that without her law license she is unable to fulfill her duties as Attorney General.

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