“Space-savers” take over York as snow lingers

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YORK, Pa. -- Four days after the snowstorm, and many communities are struggling with what to do with all of the snow, and where to park.

Space-savers are not allowed under city ordinance. City officials are not enforcing it, but are asking residents not to use them.

"That bench is going to be sitting right here," said Jynasha Washington, as she shoveled her mom's car. She planned to put a bench in its spot when her mom went to work. "It’s terrible. I been shoveling out here since the very beginning."

Others say it's an unwritten rule. "They’re the ones who did all the work," said Mary Cabrera. "If you want a spot, you do the work also."

In York City, overnight snow removal will begin Wednesday at 7 p.m. on West Philadelphia Street from Pershing to Carlisle Avenue. Philadelphia street will be closed during the process. Crews will then move to West Market Street and head east. During this stretch, one street will remain open until crews reach the downtown area. Removal will take place several days from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. on snow removal routes.

The snow emergency will remain in place through Friday. Parking garages are free during this time.

Starting immediately York City officials will be patrolling and ticketing anyone caught shoveling snow onto the street. "We will be patrolling and as we see folks throwing snow into the street, they will be given the opportunity to remove it. If they don’t, they will be issued a $100 citation under the property maintenance code," said Building Code Director Steve Buffington.

Starting Monday sidewalks must be cleared or tickets will be handed out.