EMS officials dealing with the snow

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Snow still is sitting on the streets and sidewalks of Lancaster. It has melted, and crews have cleared paths, but it's not a perfect situation yet. EMS officials can't wait for it to be perfect when responding to a call.

Thursday FOX43 rode the streets of Lancaster with Captain Joe Carr of Lancaster EMS. He says some roads in the city are tough to drive when there is no snow on them.

"There's some very narrow streets here to begin with," he said. "I can't even imagine what they're looking like now."

Many streets were in better conditions than a few days ago. They were passable with snow moved to the sides and sidewalks cleared.

"This is all good. We would have no problem operating here," Carr said.

Other streets, such as Hebranks Road, were still issues with snow.

"I don't even know if I want to go up this," he said.

Another issue they are running into is the piles of snow at street corners.

"We have to edge our vehicle out into the intersection a little further to make sure everybody's stopped," Carr said.

The streets were put to the test, when an ambulance was sent out to a call in the city.

"This is right off Hershey Avenue. This can be pretty narrow," Carr said.

When we arrived, the street and sidewalk was clear. The paramedics were able to go into the house with no issue and get the person out to the ambulance.

"It's beneficial to the patient cause they get care quicker," he said.