Road salt impact on your car

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The rain may have washed the salt off the road, but it did not wash the underside of your car.

"If the rain did it alone, we would never have cars with rust underneath," River Driver Service Manager John Killmeyer said.

He said the salt can cause so much corrosion, it can cause your car to fail inspection.

"Most people don't ever think about the underneath of their car until something happens as a direct result of the corrosion," he said.

Coolant pipes, brakes, and frames are just a few of the parts of the car that Killmeyer said can corrode because of the salt.

"If you get salt all over this, it's like having a mild version of acid lying all over the car," Killmeyer said.

He said the best ways to handle the underside of your car includes taking it to a car wash that washes the underside or have your service station wash and paint the bottom. According to Killmeyer, spending the money to wash and paint the bottom can save you money in the long run, and he adds insurance doesn't cover the cost for rust.

Killmeyer said, "With a little bit of maintenance above and beyond what the owners manual says, your car will run for many years pretty darn trouble free."


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