Blood donation centers low on blood

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The winter storm is still leaving an impact on people across the region. Winter is a tough time for centers, and both the Red Cross and Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank were hit by the snow storm.

"That left us with a shortage of approximately 500 units of blood which is about 22 percent of what that we would have collected," Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank Donor Resource Consultant Kacy Englebrook said.

Red Cross spokesperson Steve Mavica said the they lost almost 2,000 units just from the storm. According to the Red Cross, one donation can save up to three lives.

"Right now, blood is coming in to our Red Cross as fast as we're sending it out to hospitals," he said.

Both Mavica and Englebrook said blood is a resource that is not able to sit on a shelf for a long period.

"Anywhere from five days to a year depending on the part of the blood," Englebrook said.

While at the blood bank, FOX43 met John Newbold from Carlisle, who donates almost every other week.

"In a year, maybe 20 to 25 times a year," he said.

Both the Red Cross and Blood Bank are asking for people to donate blood to end the shortage.