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Technology students showcase ‘STEM’ skills in Lancaster County competition

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LANCASTER, Pa. - Conestoga Valley Middle School played host for this year's Pennsylvania Technology Student Association Regional Conference. More than 300 students from Lancaster and Lebanon counties competed in events with their STEM skills.

Teachers say the challenges the  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education program students face during the competition will help them later in life.

"As a middle school adviser I get to see these students as 7th grade, 8th grade,  9th grade, and all the way up to their senior year," Conference Director Christopher Miller said,  "and it just really makes me proud to see what these kids are producing and how they develop over that time frame, their problem-solving skills , their engineering skills and they need that to be successful in today's workforce."

Winners from Saturday's competition qualify to compete in the TSA's State Conference held in April.