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Tracking another snow storm

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HIGHS IN THE 40S CONTINUE: We’ve had a high in the 40s since January 30. For your Sunday afternoon, “the trend is your friend.” Look for highs in the mid 40s with partly sunny skies. We’ll have more clouds in sky in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties as storm rides up the Atlantic Ocean.

Past Six Day Highs PM

SNOW ON THE WAY: We’ll start Monday dry, but then snow arrives in the afternoon. I would expect plowable snow to happen any time from say noon Monday through 8 P.M. Tuesday. Now, we could see rounds of snow/snow off and on during that period or we could even get just a dusting. There is a lot of bust potential with this storm, but I’d bet on the plowable snow if I were a betting guy. The computer models we use to forecast will get a better handle on what to expect soon, and we’ll update you with better information.

DMA RPM Futurecast AM 36-72hr

Let me explain why I’m uncertain with the snow forecast: A weak area of low pressure heads our way from the northwest. Once it gets to PA, it will start taking some of a coastal storm’s energy. At that point, the coastal storm will sit over New England. The weak area will feed off of that coastal storm to bring us snow Monday night and Tuesday. Ultimately, I don’t know how much snow we’ll get on the exact timing. The computer models we use to forecast do not know what to do with this storm because of the way the one area of low pressure takes some of the other area of low pressure’s energy.

7-Day Forecast - PM CSV

DRIER WEATHER ENDS THE WEEK: On Wednesday, we’ll have a windy day and flurries. Highs end up near 32. Then, look for sunny weather with highs near 30 on Thursday through Sunday, Valentine’s Day.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson