Local teen commits suicide after being bullied online

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14 year old Olivia Perryman took her own life in January.

The York County student had just met with a therapist for the first time to discuss a series of heartbreaking life events, including the death of her father and an ongoing attack by online bullies. 40 minutes after the session, she was dead.

FOX43's Melanie Orlins talks to Olivia's mother about her young life, told in photographs and memories. The good memories - Olivia's love of animals, for example - are forever darkened by the shadow of the bad. An online bully had been "catfishing" her, faking a relationship as a never-seen boyfriend. To meet up with this supposed boyfriend, Olivia ran away from home so many times that York County Children and Youth Services had to get involved.

While Olivia's mom blames herself, she also wants to know why Pennsylvania's recent cyber harassment law has yet to punish the catfisher. Signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf just last year, this law makes online bullying a punishable offense. We talk to one local lawmaker who backed the law, Thursday on FOX43 News at 10.

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