Man who killed landlord in 1975 loses appeal

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LANCASTER, Pa. — A Lancaster man lost his appeal for relief from a life sentence more than 40 years after he killed his landlord over rent money.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled this week that Richard Raymond Allen’s latest appeal is too late. There is no new evidence or developments in the case to grant a time exemption, the high court ruled.

Allen killed Ray Mylin on March 31, 1975, stabbing him repeatedly, then dumping his body in a trash bag along the Conestoga Creek.

A local jury convicted Allen of first-degree murder, finding that Allen planned to kill Mylin when Mylin came to his home to collect rent payment.

Among the evidence presented at trial was Allen’s confession.

Also, police investigating Mylin’s whereabouts at Allen’s home found blood throughout the home and knives soaking in a sink.

Neighbors told police they heard a scuffle from inside the house, on the night Mylin went missing.

On appeal, Allen argued that a time exemption is warranted because he believed he was being sentenced for 3rd-degree murder, not 1st-degree, which carries a life sentence.

The high court denied that argument, finding that all prior denials of Allen’s initial appeals were appropriate.

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