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Beef tartare and Salmon & shrimp Valentino with Olivia’s Authentic Mediterranean cuisine

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Beef tartare
1/2 lb fresh choice cut filet mignon - fat removed,      then minced
1 sweet red pepper - roasted, peeled, & seeds removed
3oz Greek Kasari cheese 1/8" diced
12 capers
1 tsp chives
Smoked paprika to taste
Kosher salt to taste
E.v.o.o. To taste
Paximathia to serve ( this is Greek for toasted bread made in to crackers)
Season the beef w salt and smoked paprika, mix well.
Season the meat directly (this makes a huge difference in the end)
Add everything but the capers and mix a second time.
Pack the meat mixture in a 1 1/2" mold.
Garnish w capers.

Salmon & shrimp Valentino
8oz salmon
4 diver scallops
4-5 USA gulf shrimp
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 cup fresh spinach
1 tbsp sun dried tomatoes chopped
1 tbsp fire roasted red pepper chopped
2 tbsp freshly grated Romano cheese
1 tsp fresh garlic
1 tbsp Olivia's garlic butter
1 tsp E.V.O.O.
3 oz white wine
1 cup rice pilaf
Puff pastry baked golden brown

Cupid's fizz
Orange juice
Sparking water or club soda
Simple syrup
Fresh strawberries
Muddle the strawberries w the gin and simple syrup, add ice and oj, shake.  Top w the sparkling water and garnish w fresh strawberries.

Raspberry Italian soda
Club soda
Heavy cream
Whipped cream
Fresh raspberries
Pour 2oz chambord into the bottom of glass, add the club soda, then add a bit of heavy cream without stirring (for effect) then top w whipped cream and raspberries. Give a stir as you drink.

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