Drug dealer, who profited from addiction of others, sentenced to 4 to 9 years in prison

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Barry Johnson-Daniels

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. –  Convicted drug dealer Barry Johnson-Daniels, 33, of Harrisburg was sentenced today in Dauphin County Court to four and a half years to nine years in state prison.

Johnson-Daniels pleaded guilty without a plea agreement in December 2015 to several felony drug dealing counts that resulted from a December 2013 Harrisburg Police drug operation.  Johnson-Daniels was found in possession of cocaine and heroin packaged for sale after he was caught selling cocaine to an informant. He was also found in possession of over $4,000 in cash and several cell phones.

The prosecutor said at the sentencing that Johnson-Daniels is a career drug dealer who deserves a state prison sentence.  He also pointed out that Johnson Daniels’ record of drug dealing  and the fact that he profits from the addiction of others, others whose lives are ruined and who often find themselves committing criminal acts to support their habit.