PennDOT battles snow

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Snow moved into area Tuesday. PennDOT crews prepared before the storm for their plan to battle the snow.

"We had all the trucks loaded before the storm had arrived," PennDOT vehicle operator Bruce Harman said. "Right before the storm we were put on our rounds."

The round are two teams working 12 hour shifts. According to spokesperson Fritzi Schreffler, the crews will work this shift until the storm is over and the snow is removed.

"Patrolling, that means I'll be on my route watching to see if it starts to lay if we got a cold spot," he said.

Harman said he actually prefers to be clearing the snow. He said just patrolling is not as exciting.

According to Harman, the temperature of the roads has prevented the snow from accumulating on them.

"The road temperature is up pretty good we probably won't have to put any material down on the road," Harman said.

FOX43 traveled I-83 a few times during the day and we found no issues. The road was wet, but there were no hazards for our travels. We also saw PennDOT trucks waiting by the highway waiting to clear any snow.

He recommends to stay about six car lengths behind trucks if you see them on the roads.