84-year-old York County farmer surprised with new UTV after thieves trash his

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HALLAM, Pa. -- An 84-year-old farmer in York County got the surprise of a lifetime on Thursday.

Marlin Miller thought he was picking out a used four-wheeler when he arrived at Don's Kawasaki, after thieves stole his Kawasaki Mule on Christmas Eve.

Miller saved for years to buy the used UTV, and used it to get around his farm. "I would put $20 back, sometimes $25 back. It took about two years before I got enough beans together to buy one," said Miller.

News of the theft quickly spread. A total stranger started a fund to help buy him a new one. "He saved his money for two years to be able to purchase his used Mule, that he had before. There's was no way he was going to be able to save enough money to buy another one, so I felt we needed to help," said Kevin Heiser, who started a GoFundMe account.

Employees at Kawasaki Motors heard the story and jumped in. They donated a brand new Mule. "We picked a perfect one for him and his dog to be able to ride in, and to do all the utility work that he does around his farm," said Jon Rall with Kawasaki Motors.

The money from the GoFundMe was used to add some extras to Miller's new ride: a cab, windshield, doors, and a heater. Miller said his new Mule was more like a chariot. "This is awesome. It's just unbelievable," he said.

Hellam Township Police escorted Miller and his dog Dotty as he drove his new ride home.


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