Dickinson College students install signs to celebrate international culture

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CARLISLE, Pa. - Arabic, Chinese and German are among a dozen languages making their way onto parking signs at a college in Cumberland County.

Dickinson College students installed 75 signs in parking lots across the campus. Each sign represents the 11 languages offered at the school. They're direct translations of their English counterparts. International students from 46 different countries currently attend the college and the nearby U.S. Army War College. The project highlights the school's mission to reflect international culture.
Students say it's a proud moment for them.

"It's really exciting because you know, knowing that when we come back to visit 5 years from now the signs are going to be here and we'll be able to look at each other and say, 'you know what, we did that. We added to the culture of the the college as well as we kind of improved the way the college is and the college is seen,' and that's something that will be here hopefully for a long time," says Zac McMullen, a Senior Policy Management major.

The signs can also be found along High Street in Carlisle.

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