Police identify York City shooting victim

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YORK, Pa. -- Police identified the victim of a shooting Thursday morning. The victim, David Haynes, was shot at least once in the torso around 8:30 a.m. around the 200 block of South Queen Street.

Haynes was found at the nearby Hess gas station. Police said he was taken to the York Hospital where he is now in stable condition.

A woman who lives in the neighborhood who wanted to remain anonymous said, "It kills me that people are killing each other. It's not right because it's not only those two people that are affected. It's the families, the friends, everyone affected by it."

Neighbors said the gun violence needs to end because it's affecting the community.

She said, "Oh my God. Someone got killed. That's all I thought about."

She said there are other ways to deal with a hostile situation.

"If you can't fight with your hands or if you have a conflict, walk away," she said.

Some neighbors are used to the violence.

Dowayn Russell, a man who lives near the neighborhood, said, "It's not that common. But it's common for York to hear shootings like this all the time."

But some said it's affecting their daily lives - even their route to work.

Ruth Tineo, a woman who lives near the neighborhood, said, "I come from the CPC every day. And now, I don't know, I have to take another street or a safe place. I have to do something different."

They said their main concern is their family's safety.

Tineo said she's scared for her baby to go outside, and Russell said he's scared for his 4-year-old sister.



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