PennDOT treating icy roads, advises motorists of slick conditions

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LANCASTER, Pa. - PennDOT crews across the state and in Lancaster County have been taking extra care to keep the roads clear.

"For the most part, we're just going around applying salt and anti-skid material and trying to keep it burned off the roadways in trying to keep them passable," Scott Tanguy, a manager with PennDOT, said.

Crews say they did not do too much plowing on roadways since there was little snow accumulation.
Instead, PennDOT crews treated the major highways and back roads that make up the 2100 lane miles they maintain in Lancaster County.

"Once that material is down, we should be in pretty good shape even if we do get freezing rain, most everything will be treated and have a chemical on it so it should work pretty well,"

Traffic moved along into the evening hours. PennDOT lowered the speed limit to 45 miles an hour on the divided highways throughout central Pennsylvania, but drivers even stayed below that number.

"Steering and everything becomes more of a problem than with just regular snow, so everybody should be slowing down as we always caution during any winter event," Tanguy said.

As the snow of Monday afternoon gave way to sleet and freezing rain at night, crews gained in confidence that what is forecast to become rain tomorrow will only help their efforts.

"Now the temperatures are climbing, they're in a favorable range now for our material to work, so we should be alright through the storm," Tanguy said.

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