Distracted Driving Demonstration

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Harrisburg, P.A. - Students at one Dauphin County school got a first-hand look at the dangers of distracted driving. Workers with AT&T set up a virtual reality simulator at Central Dauphin High School. Students got to wear a pair of virtual goggles, which simulated the inside of a moving car. They got to see how quickly something can happen when they take their eyes off the road.

The demonstration, part of AT&T's "It Can Wait" campaign, which is geared toward educating young drivers and encouraging them to pledge to not use their phones while driving.

"Students from a young age have their phones attached to their hand, its a part of their life," said Ken Miller, principal of Central Dauphin High School. "But they also need to understand that when you're driving a vehicle, you have to put it down. You have to focus on what you're doing, and that's driving.  Because it's not just about your own safety, it's about the safety of everyone around you."

The "It Can Wait" campaign began in 2010, and the virtual simulator was added two years ago.

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