Red Cross and insurance companies respond to Interstate 78 pile up

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LEBANON, Pa.-- On Saturday, the Red Cross helped people involved in the Interstate 78 accident. They provided food, water, blankets, and several other supplies. Millie Hernandez was there as a volunteer on Saturday. She said one of the best things they gave people was comfort.

"The most important thing is to provide emotional comfort," she said.

Insurance companies are now part of the aftermath. Tim Wagner is an agent and said the police report will help  to determine who is at fault and who has to pay what cost.

"When you get into the accident with the severity of card you're going to be relying on the police to do their job and give you the information you need to settle that claim," he said.

According to Wagner, the police report will also have who was involved and their insurance companies. He said the timetable depends on the coverage. If you have collision coverage it will be quicker.

"If you don't have physical damage coverage, it's going to be a time consuming process," he said.

As for repairs, Wagner said that is up the the mechanic shop.

He said anytime people are in an accident they should always ask for a police report. This will help settle who is at fault. Another tip he said was to make sure you exchange insurance information when you can if you are in an accident.

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