Confederate Flag Day in Gettysburg causes controversy

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GETTYSBURG, Pa. -- The Sons of the Confederate Veterans is planning to honor the Confederate Flag on Confederate Flag Day.

Each group will hold events from parades to flag showings on March 5.

The commander of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, Gary Casteel, said the flag represents a moment in history that should be commemorated.

Casteel said, "The Confederate flag to us, the descendants of the Confederate soldiers - we see it as a piece of history, of heritage, of family simply because of our background and our family tree."

But not everyone is in agreement as to if that time in history should be glorified.

Emma Seibert, who lives in Gettysburg, said, "It symbolizes a very sad time in our history when brother fought against brother, fathers fought against sons, it was not a really good time."

But she said it isn't appropriate for it to be flown by the government - only for individual uses.

"It's not a flag so they shouldn't celebrate it. It's celebrating a very dark piece of our history so what's there to celebrate. It's like celebrating Auschwitz," Seibert said.

But Casteel argues the flag hasn't done anything to anyone.

"It is only a piece of cloth. It did nothing except provide a banner for men to fight and die under," he said.