Families dealing with overdose deaths come together to get addicts help

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LINGLESTOWN, Pa. - In 2006, Natalie Cribari, 20, died from a heroin overdose. At the time, heroin use was not an epidemic; ten years later it has become one. In 2014 alone the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says over 47,000 people died from overdosing.

Natalie's dad, John, has started the Natalie Cribari Drug Awareness Fund. Their mission is to," foster awareness on all aprects of Heroin addiction, intervention and recovery assistance to the community."

They want to educate and inform people about their healthcare rights and legislation that impacts access to services.

"Our mission statements says to connect addicts to resources and family members quite frankly," said Cribari.

"I just hope that I can help one person when I go out and talk to them. It is just what I want to do, I want it to mean something that my son died in this fashion," said member, Steven Shuey.

Shuey's son, Jordan, died from an overdose about two and a half years ago.

At a fundraiser Thursday night they wanted to raise $30,000.