Mom says daycare worker slapped her child

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DALLAS, TX —  A mother in Texas says she believes a daycare worker slapped her toddler.

Elizabeth O’Rear, 21, says when she picked up her 18-month-old son from daycare on Monday, he had a mysterious facial injury.

She says employees of the “Armadillos to Zebras” daycare told her that her son, Dakota, was hit by another child, or fell on a toy.

But as time went on, O’Rear says the marks began looking like an adult hand.

She took her child to a nearby emergency room and contacted police to file a complaint.

O’Rear posted pictures of her son’s injuries on Facebook and has received both support and criticism.

She told KTVT that, “I don’t want people to be punished that don’t need to be punished and if nobody really did hit him… Well, I just want the truth to come out,”

O’Rear says her son will not be returning to daycare without an acceptable explanation.

Police and CPS investigating the incident have not commented on the situation.