Revitalization of York

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YORK, Pa.-- Take a walk through York and you'll see the empty storefronts.

"We're trying to do everything we can to try and encourage investments, " Natalie Williams small business liaison for Downtown Inc. said.

The group is working to bring business back into York. Williams said they averaged two businesses a month opening in 2015.

"The more that happens on a block that's positive where there is a large vacancy, that's more pressure," she said in regards to the vacancies.

Rob Burrito owns Roburritos and opened up his restaurant Ottos on George Street and in January opened up Glazin' on Duke Street. The business sells doughnuts and beer six packs to go.

"Works really well," he said. "We have a couple microbrews you can drink with a doughnut and have a pretty fun experience."

He said he has seen success investing his businesses in York, and he has seen change in the city.

He said when he opened Glazin', he found heroin needles in the trash and now he sees the block turning around.

Williams said about 85% of the storefronts are filled. She said almost all the small areas have been taken. For the remaining space, they are trying to get it filled.

Burrito said he's noticed foot traffic increase near his business already.

"We've been able to pull a hundred a day into the corner," he said.

He encourages others to come forward with business ideas for storefronts.

"If you have that idea that you want to get started, some of the landlords will work with you and help you get started," Burrito said.

Williams said they expect another six or seven businesses to come into the city as soon as the spring.

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