Tour helicopter crashes into water with 5 people on board

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HONOLULU, HI — A tour helicopter in Hawaii crashed near the U.S.S Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor on Thursday.

At least three people were hurt.

One, a 16-year-old boy is reportedly in critical condition. Witnesses said the boy was underwater for several minutes.

Two others, a 50-year-old man and 45-year-old woman were in stable condition the paramedics said.

The two remaining people from the crash are not believed to have been injured.

Five people were on board the helicopter, when it went down in the water near Ford Island just after 10 o’clock in the morning.

People who saw the crash jumped into the water and helped pull the victims to shore.

It’s not clear yet what caused the crash.

“It was just crazy, unbelievable,” Daniel Rose told Hawaii News Now. “I’m just still in awe. It dropped maybe 10 foot off the shore and sank like a rock. I just thank God for the people on the shore who dove in and helped the people get out of the helicopter.”

Roy Gano, a witness, said that his initial reaction was that the helicopter was was flying a bit low.

“It then hovered for a second and then started to descend,” Gano said. “It was not spinning out of control, but it was dropping at a good rate. It narrowly missed the rocky edge and turned to its side. I saw people dive into the water to help.”