Sports industry helping York County

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YORK, Pa.--

About $20 million dollars will be coming into York County this year as a result of the sporting tourism industry.

"There always seems to be an event or a sporting event in the York area," I-ron-ic co-owner David Smith said. "With the YMCA being our neighbors, we kind of know a little bit in advance."

York County Convention and Visitors Bureau President Anne Druck said an event like the Mid-Atlantic Swimming Junior Olympics Championship will bring in about $1 million.

"This event is so large that it's bringing visitors from Delaware, New Jersey, and these are prime visitors for York County," she said.

She add this has a long term impact on the county because people could come back on vacations or look to even more here.

"They want to come back for education, a job, retirement, " Druck said. "So it really has a huge ripple effect on the community."

A business like Central Family Restaurant enjoys the sports tourism industry. Owner Karl Spangler said some people will stop in each year for certain events.

"There's some of these people that come back here every year and they come back here to eat every year," he said.

Druck said there are 17 sporting events coming to the county this year.

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