String of burglaries in Windsor Township

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WINDSOR TWP., Pa. -- In York County, three burglaries in Windsor Township have neighbors on edge.

York Area Regional Police don't know how many suspects there are, but they think the crimes are connected.

Two houses were burglarized on Thursday on Patterson Avenue and Craley Road. Another was on South Blacksmith Avenue on Sunday.

The burglars have been using pry tools to get into the houses.

Sally Tipton, of Windsor Township, said, "We listen to the news a lot but I had no idea. And it's scary. Very scary. I do not like that kind of thing. I'll be locking my doors for sure - I do already but I'll really be more cautious than I had been."

But Sgt. Peter Montgomery said locking your door isn't going to really help in this case, since the burglars are using pry tools.

He said the best way to prevent it is to rely on your neighbors.

"That will really help everybody out. If you know your neighbors and their routines and you call in if you see something suspicious, especially at your neighbor's house," he said.

Police said the burglars seem to be after cash. Neighbors said they will be taking extra precautions.

Tipton said, "I think I would opt to stay home a little bit more often hoping that would scare them away. I would definitely take a lot more precautions in any way. Anything that comes to mind I'll be doing it."

They said they have always known the area to be relatively safe.

Tipton said, "I don't even think about having to be scared at night coming home alone in the dark or anything in this area. I don't appreciate it. At all. And I hope they catch them very soon."

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