Capitol Police seek to ID suspects in theft at Great American Outdoor Show

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Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Capitol Police have released a video and four still photos
to the public as part of efforts to identify three suspects in connection with a theft that occurred on Saturday, February 6 at the Great American Outdoor Show at the Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg.

The suspects, two males and one female, appear to have worked together to steal a Precision
Firearm 9mm rifle with a 30-round magazine. The model number of the rifle is PF15F and the
serial number is F150153.
The suspects, at the time of the theft, are described as follows:
• Male 1 – White, heavyset, tall male wearing a black baseball hat, green t-shirt, black
sweatshirt and black sneakers.
• Male 2 – White medium build, average height male wearing a black and white ball cap,
dark colored jacket, blue jeans, brown boots and carrying a black and yellow bag and
black backpack.
• Female 1 – White, medium/heavy build, average height, female with short blond hair
wearing a grey sweatshirt, dark colored pants, brown boots and carrying a dark colored
Anyone with information regarding the identity of any of these individuals is asked to contact the Pennsylvania Capitol Police at (717)787-3816.