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Firefighters perform safety checks at homes in wake of deadly fire

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LITTLESTOWN, Pa. – Firefighters for the Alpha Fire Department went door-to-door Tuesday to ensure residents had the proper fire precautions after a deadly fire over the weekend.

The fire on Queen Street that killed Walter Thrift, 55, at his home on Saturday night prompted the department to make sure residents had working smoke detectors.

“It gives them that peace of mind that if in another emergency, as the one this past weekend, they have that first line of defense to alert them to the emergency in their house,” Steven Laughman, a firefighter with the Alpha Fire Department, said.

During the 90-minute safety walk, volunteers went to 145 residences, installing 20 new smoke detectors and replacing batteries on 15 others, he said.

The fire department still has plenty of free smoke detectors available. Anyone who would like one can call the fire department at 717-359-4212.