Man charged with animal cruelty after he allegedly stabbed, hit his dog with a hammer

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – The Pennsylvania SPCA says it is charging a Monroe County man with four counts of animal cruelty, including one misdemeanor count, for allegedly hitting his dog on the head with a hammer and stabbing her.

Brandon Cramer, of Saylorsburg, is being charged with summary counts of lack of veterinary care for Michaella, the dog who was hit and stabbed, as well as lack of veterinary care for two other animals in his possession. The misdemeanor charge states that Cramer maliciously maimed, mutilated and/or disfigured Michaella by hitting her on the head with a hammer and stabbing her.

On Friday, February 12, PSPCA Humane Law Enforcement, acting on a tip from a concerned citizen, found a critically injured female mastiff-type dog suffering from head and stab wounds.

The responding PSPCA Humane Law Enforcement Officer took custody of Michaella and immediately sought medical care at a veterinary hospital in Monroe County. Michaella is in guarded condition, and is expected to have a long recovery should she survive. The additional dogs in question, including two additional adult mastiff-types and two puppies, were transported back to the PSPCA’s headquarters in Philadelphia. Mordecai, a 1-year-old mastiff, has already been adopted from the PSPCA.

“The Pennsylvania SPCA cannot stand for acts of outright cruelty toward animals as evidenced by the acts of the individual involved here,” said CEO Jerry Buckley. “We are grateful to the veterinary staff’s quick response and dedication to Michaella’s care. We look forward to getting justice for her and continuing to investigate and prosecute all cases of animal cruelty and neglect in Monroe County.”

The PSPCA has created a fundraising campaign for members of the public to contribute to giving animals, like Michaella, a second chance:

To report animal abuse, call the Pennsylvania SPCA’s cruelty hotline, (866) 601-SPCA.

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