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Palmyra residents claim road closure led to parking tickets

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PALMYRA, Pa. - Some people along East Maple Street are upset about a road closure for sinkhole repairs that they say led to them getting parking tickets.

Stacy Reyes complained about it to the borough council Tuesday night, saying that the closure has blocked off the access to the apartment parking lot for her and dozens of neighbors.

That created a backlog of street parking, and the local homeowners’ association complained to the borough about it.

By early Friday morning, police ticketed about a dozen cars for being parked in the wrong direction, including Reyes, who says the closure has kept her 94-year-old neighbor cooped up in her house as a result.

"It's like, how would you feel if you were basically in captivity and not be able to get out of your house or go anywhere or have people come in, you know?" she asked.

Borough officials said they would get together with the engineers to see about clearing a way out for Reyes and other residents.

Reyes said she planned to file a complaint about the parking tickets, in the hopes of getting them revoked.