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Twins with twins have more twins

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Orem, UT — Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall, 36, are best friends and identical twins who do everything together.

“We teach at the same school. Our husbands are best friends,” said Kelli Wall. “[Kerri] and her husband actually met at our wedding.”

The two families also live down the street from one another.

“We will have talked to each other 50 times that day, probably, but we still call and tell each other goodnight,” said Kerri Bunker.

The women even had their two sets of twins close together.

“We have nine kids under 5-years-old!” said Kelli Wall.

Wall gave birth to her first set of twins through in vitro fertilization in October 2010. Kerri and Robert Bunker also used IVF. Eleven months later, Kerri gave birth to her first set of twins.

After the birth of twins, the Bunkers continued fertility treatments so Kerri could freeze her eggs for future IVF treatments, but they never needed those frozen eggs. The Bunkers were able to conceive their third child, Sadie, through natural means.

“And we were told we could never get pregnant on our own. Which was kind of a crazy story!”

The Walls continued with IVF and found out they were pregnant last June. Six days later, doctors told the Walls they were pregnant with their second set of twins.

The day Wall told Bunker she was pregnant with twins, a random thought popped into her head.

“I got this hair-brained idea that, what if I was pregnant?” said Bunker.

That day, she found an old pregnancy test and took it.

“I don’t even know what made me think I could be. There was nothing, I mean nothing. And it was just why not? And I found out I was pregnant the day she found out she was having twins.

Doctors said the odds of Kerri getting pregnant were so low, she was practically barren.

“I still can’t even believe it! My mom and dad said, you know what, obviously these babies need to be here. There’s a reason. So we’re chalking it up as a miracle and it’s all part of our little plan!”

A few days later, doctors told the Bunkers they were pregnant with twins.

“And we are stunned. I cried happiness tears, sadness tears, scared tears. I mean, we went through the whole gamut of emotions!” said Bunker. “First, we didn’t think we could get pregnant. Then we’re having two, then we’re overwhelmed thinking, oh my goodness, we’re going to have five kids four and under. Can we handle this?”

The youngest Bunker twins were born at Timpanogos Regional Hospital on Feb. 13, 2016. The youngest Wall twins were born about three weeks earlier at the same hospital.

“When I had my babies she was there helping me and now I don’t think I can help her back because we have our hands full with our own sets!” said Bunker. “When you feed them, you put them back in the same spot so you don’t get them mixed up!”

The Bunkers are currently building a new home next door to the Walls. They say all nine kids will grow up together.

“Two seniors, a junior, and two freshmen! I said, we are not going to be able to afford them! Not to mention, three boys. They’re going to eat us out of house and home!” joked Bunker.