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Amish community works together after tornado

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SALISBURY TWP., Pa. -- The Amish community was busy rebuilding and cleaning up after a tornado blew through Lancaster County Wednesday night.

Derek Cummings, who lives in New Holland, said,"It was a very powerful storm that came through here last night. I think it's more destruction than what they anticipated."

The tornado demolished houses and cemeteries and uprooted trees, but no one was reported as injured. Through the destruction came unity.

"The Amish community is coming together. The English community is coming together through all of this. Like I said when I went to work this morning it was basically let's go we have a storm cleanup to do. We're not going to work today. I'm like wow," Cummings said.

Beth Engel, a pastor at Pequea Presbyterian Church, said, "We're surrounded by the Amish who work together very well and I have a feeling. In fact some have already been here helping to pick up some debris. So there will be help in the community."

The tornado hit the church's cemetery hard.
"Most damage is done in the cemetery. Many, many stones are down. Some are broken," Engel said.

But she is glad it wasn't worse.
"My first thought when I came was a feeling of sadness but at the same time a feeling of just thankfulness. Wanting to praise God because after all, no one was hurt," Engel said.

Cummings said everyone should learn a lesson from this natural disaster.

"Basically when they issue a tornado warning seek shelter immediately. Don't mess around because obviously you see what happens."