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Lancaster county commends residents for banding together during storm and warning Amish neighbors

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SALISBURY TWP., Pa. - The stories of survival are coming to light after only the state’s second February tornado in 66 years touched down Wednesday night.

“During the storm there was an auction going on, a community auction with over 100 people inside a barn,” Randall Gockley, Lancaster County’s emergency management director, said. “Miraculously, no one was injured.”

County officials say they are proud of the area's English, who helped their Amish neighbors out in a time of emergency.

“Neighbors took the time to come over and actually tell them in those minutes prior to the storm hitting, which I think in this day and age is something very commendable and shows the close-knit [nature] of this particular community,” Gockley said.

Neighbors like Catherine McQuate, who checked on her Amish neighbors, one of whom is disabled. She told FOX43 said she ended up riding out the storm with them until everything was safe again.

"We heard debris flying and the lightning and the power went out and we decided to go over to our neighbors house," she said Wednesday night.