Witness to Dauphin County dog shooting speaks out

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LONDONDERRY TOWNSHIP --A dog was shot to death in Dauphin County now officials are looking for the killer.

A witness is sharing the story of what he saw in an attempt to get justice for the dog.

Driving down the Airport Connecter in Londonderry Township on Wednesday afternoon Joseph Haney pulled over to help with what he thought was a dog running from his owner.

Haney said, "I looked in my mirror and I saw a small dog like run out in front of the car almost out into traffic and then run back and I thought, 'oh no' probably a potty break gone wrong "

Haney then said he saw the man grab the dog by the collar and throw him over the guard rail. He says he yelled at the man and then saw his arm raise and heard 2-3 gunshots.

The man drove away leaving the dog for dead on the other side of the guardrail.

Haney says, "At first I was hopeful like 'oh he is right there, maybe I can get to him maybe I will be okay' and I saw he wasn't moving."

He said the dog wasn't breathing at all when he got to him, "I put my hand down and scratched behind his ear a little bit and I was like, 'he is gone.'"

It is a sad situation for Haney who loves dogs, owns them and even fosters them. He says if he had known the man's plans he would have taken the dog home

Haney says he won't feel better about this incident until he knows there's some sort of charges filed and a penalty or rehabilitation for the crime.

State Police have handed the investigation off to the Phoenix Rescue Group. The group says at this point there are no suspect, shut they hope to have more information on this investigation in the coming days.

Haney was able to get part of a license plate and the photos of the dog have been shared over 15,000 times on Facebook. Haney and his wife believe social media is what will lead officials to the killer.