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‘They want people to know the entire truth:’ Statement from fake student’s adoptive parents

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Arthur Samarin

HARRISBURG, PA — The adoptive parents of Artur Samarin are speaking out through an attorney to let the public know the truth.

Samarin, the 23-year-old Ukrainian National, has been in the news after he was arrested on charges of identity theft and sexual assault.

Police say Stephanye and Michael Potts helped create the identity of “Asher Potts” for Samarin, and fooled the Harrisburg community for four years.

Harrisburg Attorney Corky Goldstein says the couple feels they’ve done nothing wrong, and are living in fear.

Full statement  to FOX43 News:

“Attorney Corky  Goldstein from Harrisburg met with Stephayne and Michael Potts last evening for about 1 hour and a half in his law office. Stephayne had known of Attorney Goldstein, and friends told her to see him. Attorney Goldstein said today that right now he is trying to assist them, as they have almost no funds left, but they really want very much for the true story to get out,as soon as possible. They want people to know the entire truth from the very beginning, not the untrue comments that are being said  about them in the media and by some others. They did everything they could, spending a lot  of their limited  funds  for this young man. They are very frightened. They will fully cooperate with the authorities. They have already cooperated as best they could. Goldstein said they are really very kind and caring  people who feel they have been unfairly maligned in the media. He said, they only wanted to help a young man who they sincerely thought needed real assistance here in America. They never adopted him, but did allow him to use their last name. They did everything they could for him. He has said things about them which are totally untrue,but they still love him, and they look forward to the day they can tell the truth about everything . Attorney Goldstein has spoken with the authorities today, as these two people are very upset and anxious to clear their names. I should have more information later tomorrow. I would respectfully ask all the media to try and understand their fear and feelings right now. The media frenzy has placed them in fear. They will at the appropriate time tell everything they know. They are living in the area, and are not going anywhere.”

Court documents show Samarin obtained a fake driver’s license, birth certificate, and social security card. Samarin was later charged with Statutory Sexual Assault and Corruption of Minors for contact with a 15-year-old girlfriend.

Samarin’s attorney told FOX43 News he plans to plead not guilty to all charges.


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