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Father won’t go to prison after molesting young daughter with cancer

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Jeremy Schwer. Photo: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man will not serve time in prison for molesting his then 6-year-old daughter.

Jeremy Schwer, 41, pled guilty on Tuesday to child molestation charges, the Indianapolis Star reports.

Court records say the crimes occurred after the girl was diagnosed with cancer and her parents started alternating taking care of her at night.

The little girl told officials that her father touched her “peepeeluca” (the family’s word for her privates) and had her sit on his “cat tail,” according to court records.  She told her mother that it happened every time she stayed with her father.

Prosecutors say they wanted him to serve nine years in prison with three years probation, but the girl’s mother, who filed for divorce, wrote a letter to the court asking that he not be sent to prison because she needs him to financially support the children.

Schwer’s attorney said that Schwer was fired after his arrest last year and just recently was hired to a new job.

Deputy Prosecutor Courtney Curtis told the Indianapolis Star that, “This is the most horrific circumstance of a child molest case that I’ve ever seen.”

Schwer was sentenced to 12 years probation. He will also have to register as a sex offender and continue treatment at a counseling center.