TONIGHT: We talk to the mother of the Amish school shooter

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In October of 2006, Charles Roberts took ten young girls hostage inside an Amish schoolhouse in Nickel Mines, Lancaster County. Five of the girls died, Roberts took his own life, and a peaceful Amish community became the unlikely center of another story of violence in America.

Terri Roberts, the shooter's mother, has had nearly ten years to confront her grief and try to understand how her son could commit such a horrible act. Her path to healing began with an unexpected visit from one of her Amish neighbors, where he expressed the reclusive community's love and forgiveness to her.

"[He said] 'We love you. We don't hold anything against you,'" Roberts recalls.

Tonight on FOX43 News at 10, FOX43 talks with Terri Roberts, about her life since the shooting and how she remains close with the very community her son attacked. This is a story of forgiveness you will not want to miss.