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From snow to seventies in the seven-day forecast

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SNOWY START: After starting the morning with snow, enjoy sunshine later this afternoon.  Highs top out in the low 40s, which come in just a few degrees below average.   Tonight, we turn cloudy again as another weak piece of energy nears us.  This piece of energy will bring us some sprinkles tomorrow afternoon and some flurries and snow showers tomorrow night.  Expect a dusting at most.  On Sunday, we return to the mid 40s as the skies turn partly sunny.

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WARMER WEATHER: Warmer air comes up from the south on Monday to take us to the mid 50s.  We'll have partly sunny skies.  The sunshine continues on Tuesday as we soar to 68, and we don't stop there.  We get 70 on Wednesday as the clouds increase.  Warmer air really gets pumped up from the south on Tuesday and Wednesday to get us so warm.  This happens ahead of a cold front.

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TEMPERATURES DROP: The cold front brings showers on Thursday, which knock us down to the mid 60s.  Behind the cold front, we tumble to 60, which still comes in about fifteen degrees above average.   We'll also have partly sunny skies return.  Then, temperatures go on the rise again next weekend.  By the way, next Sunday--March 13--is Daylight Saving Time.

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-Meteorologist Drew Anderson