May-like weather this week

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HELLO SPRING: We trade the winter weather we had last week for spring weather this week.  Enjoy a high of 60 today under partly sunny skies.  Then, we turn up the heat to 68 on Tuesday and 72 on Wednesday.  The 60s return on Thursday, and so do some showers in the afternoon.  We’ll keep the 60s through the upcoming weekend.

3-Day Forecast - PM CSV

WHY SO WARM: We get the warm weather this week for a few reasons.  First, the jet stream slides to the north of us.  The jet stream is our barrier between cold air to the north and warm air to the south.  Speaking of the south, a strong area of high pressure pulls up that warm air to our south and places it over PA.  On Thursday, our temperatures step back a touch because we get clouds and some showers.  A weak cold front comes on the back end of those showers, so our highs fall to the low 60s to close out the week.

7-Day Forecast - PM CSV

SPRING FORWARD: On Sunday, we return to Daylight Saving Time.  So, we’ll switch out our 6:30 A.M. sunrise with a 7:30 A.M. one and make our 6:06 P.M. sunset a 7:06 P.M. one next week.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

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