Alpha Fire Company recovering after recent fires and house explosion

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LITTLESTOWN, Pa. -- The Alpha Fire Company in Littlestown is dealing with the emotional and physical aftermath of three recent deadly fires and a house explosion on Friday.

Fire Chief Chris Morgret said, "It's starting to take its toll. Our guys are getting worn out just emotionally."

During the explosion, four firefighters were injured, two of them flown to a burn center.

Morgret said, "Dealing with the fatal fires is one thing. It takes its toll and then you have two guys get injured so it's really kind of stresses everybody out."

One of the injured firefighters was Raymond Boyd, whose house was destroyed in a fire last year.

"Ray, after his house fire, came back. He put a ton of effort in, had a lot of support around here from our members and the community outreach from donations, etc.," Morgret said.

Boyd is now recovering.

"He's been great. I went down to talk with him yesterday and he said he can't wait to get back, so his spirits are high," the fire chief said.

Not only do the firefighters need to recover physically, but they need to recover emotionally as well. Saturday morning they had a critical management team come into the station.

"And we sit there and work through any issues, kind of just spill the emotions, let it all out while we are in a closed door session. And it's just up there it's us being human and not trying to put on the brave firefighter face and move on."


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