Donald Trump wins Republican primaries in Michigan and Mississippi

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Donald Trump speaks to CNN's Jake Tapper on February 21, 2016, one day after his victory in South Carolina.

Donald Trump will win the Republican primaries in Michigan and Mississippi, according to CNN projections, crucial victories that propel him closer to the GOP presidential nomination.

Trump’s strong performance — he has now won 14 states — suggests that his capacity to win is undiminished despite a barrage of attacks by his rivals and the Republican establishment on his personality, his sometimes vulgar campaign style and his fitness to serve as president.

In a news conference Tuesday night, Trump said the results were a repudiation of “so many horrible, horrible things” said about him over the last week, which he said added up to “$38 million worth of horrible lies.”

He added: “It shows you how brilliant the public is because they knew they were lies.”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was seeking a strong showing to bolster his claim that he is the only Republican who can stop Trump, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is desperate for some evidence to counter an impression that his campaign is fading.

The contests come on what is being dubbed Super Tuesday 2. Republicans are competing in four states — Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho, and Hawaii — with 150 delegates up for grabs. Democrats are fighting for 166 delegates in Michigan and Mississippi.