Kindergarten teacher accused of drinking in the classroom

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TACOMA, Wash. -- A kindergarten teacher in Washington state has been fired after allegedly drinking in her classroom, according to KCPQ.

Parents of students at the Tacoma elementary school were outraged when they found out what happened.

District officials say one of Klara Bowman's students went to the main office to report the incident on February 19th.

Bowman was taken out of the classroom and escorted off campus by the assistant principal.  She allegedly walked into a wall and alcohol was also found in a beverage container in her classroom.

The school confirmed that Bowman has been with the district since 2008, and had a prior alcohol offense in 2011 while she was teaching at a different elementary school.

The principal sent a letter home, but it did not explain why Bowman would no longer be teaching, and was only sent to the parent's of her students.

Now that the story is out, other parents in the district are upset they weren't informed.

According to the district's attorney, Bowman is appealing the decision.