‘There’s no money and it is hurting our students,’ Pennsylvania lobbyists call for new school funding system

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Harrisburg, Pa. - State educators, parents and local leaders are calling for a new funding system for schools in Pennsylvania. They all gathered in the state capitol today, calling for a change to what they say is unfair funding to schools. Overcrowded classrooms, cuts in programs and a general lack of funding were just some of the concerns voiced by speakers today. They added that the budget impasse has only made the problem worse, and are calling on state legislators to pass a budget immediately.

"There's no money and it is hurting our students," said Kia Hinton of Action United. "It is hurting our communities and it's not fair. We're doing our job and we need the legislators here to do theirs."

Advocates at the rally say that schools have already borrowed more than $1 billion since the budget impasse, just to stay in operation. They say the interest from those loans will cost districts over $40 million.