Millions of Pennsylvania hunters could soon pay more for licenses

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HARRISBURG, Pa.-- Senate bill 1148 is proposing to raise the hunting license fees across the state. It raises the adult resident hunting fee by $10. The bill is in committee right now. This would be the first increase in the hunting fee since 1999.

"We've come under hard times here and we've been riding that out over the past several years," Pennsylvania Game Commission Press Secretary Travis Lau.

He said the hunter license fee are a major source of revenue. In recent years the fees haven't brought in as much but other incomes have canceled it out, but not this year. The low income is causing the game commission to look at cutting costs. One of those costs is the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.

"No action being taken to have in to shut down the visitors center and perform any other necessary closures," Lau said in regards to options for Middle Creek.

If there is the increase in hunting license fees, it would significantly help the game commission and let Middle Creek function normally.

"We anticipate that if that senate bill passes that the game commission will be able to achieve its strategic plans that carries us through 2020," Lau said.

The bill is currently in committee and would take effect July 1st the earliest if it passes.