Pounds of marijuana, ‘Wax,’ guns and cash seized from Lancaster County home

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LANCASTER. Pa- A Lancaster County man faces several felonies after police uncover a major drug operation at this home.

According to police, David Irwin, 21, had been making monthly trips to Oregon and California where he bought the drugs and shipped them back to Lancaster.

Following an investigation that included surveillance, Irwin’s home along the 3100 block of Nolt Road was raided last month, finding drugs, guns, and over $10,000 cash.


Detectives seized:

– More than 9 pounds (4,200 grams) of marijuana, with an approximate street value of $27,000.

– About 140 grams of marijuana “wax,” with a street value of $11,200. Wax is a more pure form of THC (the active component in marijuana), thus making it much more powerful, according to detectives.

– A Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15 assault rifle.

– A Glock 19 9-mm handgun.

– $10,195 in cash.

– Paraphernalia related to drug sales, usage, and storage.

Also, a walk-in closet had been converted into a grow room, where detectives found evidence of harvested plants police said.

District Attorney Craig Stedman said Wednesday, “The most concerning thing about marijuana and marijuana-dealing is the misconception that it’s not dangerous,”  “There are astronomical profits being made dealing marijuana, so dealers are arming up.”

“Just in this raid alone, the detectives discovered over $50,000 in cash and assets related to Mr. Irwin’s drug trade.”

Irwin,  was  recently ordered to stand trial on three felony counts of drug-dealing.

A bondsman posted Irwin’s $100,000 bail.

Irwin had been traveling out west for several months. He sent some of the packages to his mother’s home in Landisville. She has not been charged.