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Dozens show up to ‘Clearing the air on vaping’ forum

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YORK COUNTY, Pa - Vaping can be used for recreation or even as a way to stop smoking.

The idea is still new so, there are a lot of questions.

Both sides on the issue showed up tonight to discuss vaping at William Penn Senior High school in York on Thursday.

Many of the people in the audience have used vaporizers and believe it's safe.

While some health officials believe there's just not enough research to determine long term -- or even short term effects of vaping.

The forum panel included State Representative Kevin Schreiber, doctors, people from the tobacco industry and the American Lung Association.

A lot of the audience questions centered around the effects of smoking vaporizers containing formaldehyde.

Doctors  say the products are relatively new and there's not too much information on that just yet.

However, many vape supporters say it has helped them quit smoking cigarettes- something they think is much more dangerous.

"The products had such a positive impact on my life and I wanted to share that with other adult smokers,” said Chris Hughes of Montoursville. He says vaping helped him to quit smoking, so he opened a vape shop to help others.

Dr. Katie Palisoc at Memorial Hospital in York says, "If it's a last resort, OK. I would strongly encourage the other proven treatments, Nicotine patches, counseling, the gums and  lozenges."

One thing both sides agree on is they don't want kids to be exposed to vaping.

Right now, Pennsylvania is only one of two states where it is legal for minors to purchase vaporizing equipment.