‘Stearclear’ Designated Driver App

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Lancaster County, Pa. - A new app is allowing drivers in Lancaster County to arrange car rides for customers using their own cars. The app, called Stearclear, acts as a designated driver servie for someone who has had too many drinks. It can also be used as a chauffeur service.

The service became available today for St. Patrick's Day and payments can be made through the app. A Stearclear official says the service is a pretty neat thing.

"People all the time tell us their stories on how they had a good night, and then the next morning they've got to either find their car or go back to their car and it can be a hassle," said Michael Mercado of Stearclear. "To know that you can have a good time, worry free, at the end of the night, simply make a request and someone's going to come pick you up and take you home in your car, pretty good service."

There is a $10 pick up fee for using the app and there is also a $3.50 charge per mile. That $10 fee will be waived for first time riders who use the code "LANCASTER."