A week in review: Pennsylvania’s budget battle

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HARRISBURG, Pa - A $30 billion  budget bill is just not quite the answer to Pennsylvania's budget woes, at least not yet.

The Republican sponsored bill passed the house and senate this week, however Governor Tom Wolf says he's not signing it.

The issue this time between state republicans and democrats seems to be the math.

Republicans believe this budget should solve financial problems in the future, but democrats think the bill sent to the Governor is only a band-aid on the state's money woes.

Both sides agreed on something again this week; that the whole budget battle is getting out of hand.

"This is my third term in the house and I've never seen an impasse of this magnitude nor do I think there was an impasse of this magnitude in modern history," said Rep. Margo Davidson (D-Delaware County).

Right now, a lot of school officials across the state just want some sort of budget passed  for the student's sake.

"It's imperative that all these school's stay open. These are record level fundings for state dollars going to public education," said Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Turzai.

Schools like the Red Lion School District in York County had to take a deep look at fiances, even at one point saying the school might have to close.

"We've postponed purchasing equipment for our students. We've postponed travel and training sessions," Dr. Scott Deisley, Red Lion School District Superintendent.

On Thursday, officials in Red Lion said they'll be OK for now, but the school is not able to run at top notch without the extra state funding.

As for next year, it's back to the drawing board for lawmakers as the state inches closer to nine months without a budget.

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