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PA Budget impasse to end

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HARRISBURG, PA. -- It appears the 267-day Pennsylvania State Budget impasse is about to end. Saying he will not attach his name to the GOP's $6.6 billion package, Governor Wolf announced he will not veto it, either, allowing it to become a law so that money can flow again.

"I believe it's time to move on from (15-16) and focus on 16-17," said Governor Wolf. "This was the right thing to do."

Wolf says budget bill 1801 "doesn't add up." He says it underfunds medical assistance, corrections and many other services. But he has been feeling pressure from within his own party to pass the bill and keep schools open.

“Let’s be clear," said Wolf, "The math in this budget does not work. Next fiscal year - that already has a $2 billion deficit - will now begin with an extra $300 million deficit. Ratings agencies and the Independent Fiscal Office have all agreed that we face a massive structural deficit. Left unaddressed, the deficit will force cuts to schools and human services, devastating credit downgrades that will cost taxpayers millions, and increase property taxes for our senior citizens. We must face this reality this year and balance our budget with real, sustainable revenues.”

Just this morning, a group of public school officials called on the governor to sign the budget package.

House Leader Dave Reed said, "There are certainly challenges for 16-17, but we are happy we have a 15-16 budget."

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