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Pennsylvania State Police warn of ongoing phone scam

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Pennsylvania State Police are warning residents of phone scammers posing as police officers to con people out of their money.

Here are a a few things to know about the scam:

  • When they call, the scammers claim to represent the “Pennsylvania State Police Foundation,” the “State Police Assistance Program” or pose as Troopers to get callers to send money to avoid legal troubles.
  • Callers may instruct the victims to send money or try to collect personal details and banking information

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, their agency will never call people to solicit funds.

Here are a few tips to avoid falling victim to this scam:

  • Never give personal or financial information to an unsolicited caller claiming to be representing the Pennsylvania State Police.
  • Be suspicious of callers who demand immediate payment for any reason.

If you receive a call that you suspect is a scam, disconnect without providing any information or taking any instructions from the caller, and contact your nearest Pennsylvania State Police office or your local law enforcement agency.

For more, visit “Fundraisers Calling on Behalf of Police and Firefighters, “on www.consumer.ftc.gov.