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Red Land Little League team’s story hitting the big screen

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CAMP HILL, Pa. - The Red Land Little League team, that won the U.S. championship at the 2015 Little League World Series, stole bases and hearts. The 13 boys that made up the team inspired their entire community. More fans went to watch them play than any other team in Little League World Series history.

To date they have raised over $30,000 for cancer-related causes and hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Red Land Little League Organization.

Overnight they became role models and celebrities. Now, their story of going 20-1 in their series run is hitting the big screen.

Film producers Jameson Hess and A.J. Ferrara announced Wednesday they plan to make a movie about the team and how they inspired so many people.  It will be called "Against the Odds". They plan to film it all locally starting in August 2016 and the movie will be released in 2017.

The filmmakers' goal is to raise half a million dollars through Indiegogo. Anyone who contributes receives a perk package.